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It is proven that most home buyers today start with online home hunting before they go to Open Houses. With that being said, preparing your property for a shoot is one of the “first” steps that you need to do prior to promoting it online. Aside from its marketing benefits, this step will also maximise your home’s value and make it look its absolute best. However, remember that pictures should be professional and nice looking, as this will attract more views and potential buyers.

Below is our very own pre-photography checklist to make sure your home is going to be in its best possible condition for the photographer.

Pre-Photography Checklist




  • bags
  • floor mats
  • shoes
  • shoe rack
  • umbrellas
  • other clutters

Outside Areas

  • Hide/Remove:
  • fallen leaves and palm fronds
  • garden tools and lawn equipment
  • toys
  • rubbish bins
  • vehicles from the driveway and from the front of home (e.g. bicycles, cars, skateboards)
  • washing from clothes line
  • real estate and yard signage

Make Sure to:

  • clean off and arrange cushions and other outside furniture to highlight the exterior areas
  • sweep decks, driveways, patios, sideways, staircases and other paved areas
  • tidy the garden
  • mow the lawn
  • pull weeds
  • rake up leaves and sticks
  • trim hedges and shrubs
  • water the grass 4-5 hours prior to shooting

Pool Areas


  • any debris
  • insects and pests
  • pool cleaning equipment
  • pool cover and toys

Make Sure to:

  • clean the pool
  • keep the pool water balanced and not green


Bathrooms / Powder Rooms


  • bath mats
  • cleaning items
  • medications
  • toiletries
  • washing baskets

Make Sure to:

  • arrange towels in a neat and orderly fashion
  • clear the countertop of all personal items
  • close shower curtains unless tiles are customized for showcasing
  • display nice, double-folded  and matching towels
  • keep the glass, mirrors and windows clean, shiny and spotless
  • keep the toilet lids down or closed
  • place a full roll of toilet paper onto the holder



  • books
  • tissue boxes
  • toys
  • clothes and all personal items
  • posters and stickers from walls

Make Sure to:

  • make all beds
  • close the closets
  • place lamps that are working

Kitchen & Dining Areas


  • counter tops (e.g. cutting boards, knives, scrubbies, soap)
  • detergents
  • dishes and dish clothes and racks
  • drain plugs
  • magnets, pictures, etc. from the refrigerator
  • small appliances
  • tea towels
  • visible child-proof equipment

Make Sure to:

  • clean appliances especially if stainless steel
  • place neatly presented flowers or fruits (optional)
  • place wine and wine glasses on the dining table (optional)
  • set the dining table w/white plates and a centerpiece
  • wipe the dirt off backsplashes and range hood

Living Areas & Recreational Rooms


  • all personal items such as photos
  • books, magazines and newspaper
  • clutter from bookshelves, coffee tables, etc.
  • gaming and exercise equipment
  • extra cables and power leads
  • pedestal fans and toys
  • remote controls

Make Sure to:

  • clean entertainment centers, fireplace mantles, etc.
  • organize DVDs, games, and all print materials in shelves
  • turn off TV and other appliances
  • vacuum carpets and clean hardwood floors



  • all evidence of pets except a clean aquarium
  • any furniture that obstructs windows
  • books, calendars, magazines and newspaper
  • broken light fixtures
  • all cleaning equipment and supplies
  • all clutter from the floor
  • cobwebs
  • exposed power cords
  • finger prints
  • rubbish and bins
  • political and religious items
  • rugs, tissue boxes, etc.

Make Sure to:

  • clean and dust everything (e.g. counters, glass, mirrors windows)
  • open door covers, curtains and blinds on windows to let the light in
  • place all shoes in the closet
  • put children’s toys away when shooting
  • put up some artwork or paintings that are non-personal (optional)
  • replace any burnt out light bulbs
  • turn off all ceiling fans, computers, lamps and TVs
  • turn on all inside lights except overhead lights

Just a few reminders and tips: Hiring a professional stager is also something that you should consider in order to to make your home appealing to the highest number of prospective clients. The photoshoot will take about an hour or more, depending on the size of the property and the prep work needed.

Make sure to include the exteriors and interiors of the property, including the main rooms and one to two attractive features of your property. Take note as well the height and angles of your shot, since these also contribute to the overall beauty of the photos.


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